Dermalogica Microzone Treatments Citrus Heights

Skincare that Works: Introducing the Dermalogica MicroZone Facial

Everyone’s skin needs a little tender love and care! With so many treatments on the shelves, finding the right products can be tough. But there is a groundbreaking treatment with surefire results. The Dermalogica MircroZone Facial at Katrina Expert Skin Therapy in Citrus Heights will give your skin the revitalization it needs. This quick and affordable facial targets all the common skin problems and will leave you with cleaner, tighter, younger-looking skin. The facial takes less than 30 minutes and results are immediate. Only the best ingredients are used to repair your skin. You deserve the best that skincare has to offer. With this effective treatment, there is no excuse to deny pampering yourself.

Eliminate Annoying Skin Issues with a Dermalogica MicroZone Facial

You’re probably familiar with the slew of common skin issues that exist. Blackheads, dryness, acne, wrinkles, and puffy eyes are all annoying problems that keep people from being their most confident selves. Store-bought products promise to eliminate these issues, but most fail to deliver results. The Dermalogica MicroZone Facial is a proven success in revealing better skin in clients.

When you come to Katrina Expert Skin Therapy in Citrus Heights for a treatment, a skincare professional will first evaluate your skin to discover the Best Facial treatments for you. If your skin looks tired and dull, the flash exfoliation treatment would be perfect. This method lifts dirt and debris to reveal a healthier layer of glowing skin. If blackheads are your problem, there’s a treatment for that as well that deeply penetrates skin to remove oil and clogged pores. Perhaps you are struggling with the effects of aging skin. Wrinkles and fine lines can be fought with the age repair treatment.

There are many moisturizers in the stores that claim to work wonders for the skin. But the Dermalogica MicroZone Facial by Katrina in Citrus Heights can do that and so much more. If you suffer from dry skin and even dry and peeling lips, there are special hydration treatments available to you. It’s important to always keep your skin moisturized. Moisture keeps your skin smooth and youthful. A special hand repair treatment is also available to keep your hands smooth and silky.

The hustle and bustle of daily life can take a toll on your skin also. The exhaustion that you experience may be visible on your face. Take your eyes for example. Puffy eyes and dark circles are all signs of tiredness. You can eliminate those signs with the eye rescue treatment. You’ll look revitalized and your skin will be smoother and healthier.

Stop for a Quick Dermalogica MicroZone Facial Today

Whatever skin issue you have, there’s a way to soothe it in just a manner of minutes! The Dermalogiza Microzone Facial offered by Katrina Expert Skin therapy in Citrus Heights is only 20 minutes and will strictly target your most intense problems. Anyone can get a facial! There is even a cleansing treatment designed especially for men! Only the most skilled and qualified skin professionals will handle your skin and provide you with a relaxing treatment. But relaxation is only half the excitement. You’ll walk out the door with healthier more radiant skin instantly!