Dermalogica Face Mapping Citrus Heights

All About Dermalogica Face Mapping

You probably didn’t know that the condition of your skin tells a story about your overall health. How you treat your body is evident in your outer appearance. Good news is that all your skincare issues can be resolved with the right prescription treatments. In order to determine which treatment is best, you should let the skin professionals provide you with Dermalogica Face Mapping. This system will explore each area of your facial skin. The different areas are called zones. Breakouts and blemishes in the various zones signify health issues you may be dealing with internally. Once you know these issues you can begin working to become a healthy being. There is a skincare center in Citrus Heights waiting to service you today.

Explore Your Skin Zones in Citrus Heights

In your everyday skincare routine, you most likely treat the entirety of your facial skin the same. You might cleanse and condition and don’t think twice about those pesky breakouts. They always appear anyway, right? Well, where those breakouts actually appear on your skin tells a story about the health of your body. There is a total of 14 skin zones in the Dermalogica Face Mapping system. Each targets a different area of health. For example, the 7th zone is the nose. According to the mapping system, a reddish nose may signify elevated blood pressure. Another example is the 12th zone. This zone includes the chin and lips and can signify the possibility of hormonal issues or allergies to food. The 4th and 10th zones cover both ears. The ears signify kidney health. If you experience ear irritation you may need to increase your water intake.

And those are just a few examples of zones. There are several more. Only a qualified professional can provide Dermalogica Face Mapping for you. A trained skin therapist can properly interpret each of your zones and provide you with the Best Facial treatments for your individual needs. Call for an appointment at our Citrus Heights location to consult with a professional today.

Learn About Your Health Through Dermalogica Face Mapping

If you feel that something is wrong with your bodily health, you should always see a doctor. But you may not know what is going on inside. For example, the 5th and 9th zones are the cheeks. If you get regular bumps and blemishes on the cheeks, you may be dealing with respiratory issues. Congestion in these zones often signifies the consequences of smoking. Smoking does not just affect the lungs, but the outer appearance as well. There is so much to learn through the different zones of your skin.

Internal health issues may take some time, hard work, and will power to correct. Changing your diet, improving your water intake, and taking medications may be necessary to improve your body. A medical doctor can help with this. However, the Dermalogica Face Mapping system can get you on your way to flawless skin as a professional learns the best skin treatment for you. There’s a skincare center in Citrus Heights where you can begin this journey.